1.Structure and Chemical name:
Chemical name is 3-methoxy-4-hydroxy-benzaldehyde, Chemical formula is C8H8O3, and the Chemical structure is

2.Specifications: Confirm to GB 1886.16, BP, FCC, USP standard.
AppearanceWhite to pale yellow crystalline powder
Odder: Similar to Vanillin
Purity (by GC): 99.5%
Melting Point: 81.083.0
Solubility: 1g sample can completely soluble in 2ml 95% ethanol makes transparent solution
Loss on drying:0.5%
Arsenic content: 3 mg/kg
Heavy Metal(Pb): 10 mg/kg

3.Uses : Vanillin can be used as food additive in making food ,wine and tobaccos, also it is a fine chemical product.

4.Packing and Expiry life: in 0.5 or 1 Kg tins, 25Kg cartons or 50 Kg iron drums, Expiry life is 3 years (under suitable storage condition)